X-ray Machines and Film Processor

At Samui Dental Home, our clinic is fully equipped with our very own X-ray machines and film processor. This enables our patients to get their diagnosis results instantly and treatment plan drawn up effectively in one visit.

Panoramic X-ray

With our own panoramic dental x-ray unit and a world leading software processing from Planmeca Romexis® which provides powerful enhancement and analysis tools guarantee that accurate diagnosis is available to our patients in all specialties

Intraoral X-ray Machines

Our clinics has four intraoral x-ray machines from BlueX, Dabi Atlante and Gendex available. The intraoral x-ray machines provide simple and fast slide x-rays that enables our dental specialists to make the proper diagnoses for our patients.

The beam limiting device of the BlueX intra-oral x-ray machine allows the reduction of a patient's exposure to radiation. Its microprocessor allows tooth type and patient size inputs to determine time values and control radiation dose reduction when using digital receptors.

Dabi Atlante's intra-oral x-ray machines are known for providing safety and precision. Its selection of Radiography type, tooth type and position, film and patient's age allows for better radiographic quality and precise film exposition adjustment. Its automatic time correction device corrects automatically the exposure time, according to the voltage oscillations in the electrical power source, keeping the radiation levels steady.

The Dabi Atlante's intra-oral x-ray machine has a dual collimation system that eliminates the formation of secondary rays in the primary beam, avoiding any unnecessary exposure to the patient thus minimizing health risks. In addition, the camera's accidental activation blocking mechanism prevents consecutive shooting, eliminating unnecessary exposure to radiation and overheating.

Film Processor

Our clinic uses the Film Processor to develop our x-ray films so that our patients get their results instantly. The Processor is a closed chemical system, sealing both wash water and chemistry. It processes intraoral, panoramic and cephalometric films. Temperature, time and film drying are fully automatic allowing for quality x-ray film processing.