Endodontic Equipment

The Root Apex locator aids our endodontist in defining the length of the teeth. At our clinics, the ROOT ZX from J Morita Corporation is a fully automatic root canal length measuring device (apex locator) which provides extremely accurate measurements in all canal conditions.

ROOT ZX's advanced microprocessor ensures precise readings even in the presence of sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, saliva, blood or pulp. The microprocessor also calibrates ROOT ZX automatically, making it ready to use immediately after turning on the main switch. These features and more make ROOT ZX one of the most highly rated root canal length measuring devices on the market.

On the issue of hygiene, the miniPiezon® adopts the CombiTorque® concept thus ensuring optimum hygiene. The scaling instrument can be disassembled for sterilisation or autoclaving. CombiTorque® consists of a precise torque wrench for screwing the instrument on the handpiece. It is an instrument holder when the instrument is stored and a sterilization tool for the scaling instrument when placed in the autoclave, providing protection to both the operator and patient before use of the instrument.